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Yes, The Montreal Canadiens Really Did Apologize For Hiring Randy Cunneyworth

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Randy Cunneyworth still doesn't speak French, and that still makes French Canadian fans of the Montreal Canadiens very angry. Angry to the point that general manager Pierre Gauthier actually apologized to those people for hiring a coach that's not bilingual.


As Gauthier said in his midseason press conference:

We're disappointed and we're sorry if we offended anybody by hiring somebody that is not bilingual right now, but when you're in the middle of a season and you're trying to effect change and you're having the difficulties that we were having, and that we are still having, you evaluate all your options. We felt the best option at the time was to work from within the organization.

Those things can be worked out in due time, but having a bilingual coach of the Montreal Canadiens is something that's very, very important and will be part of our decision going forward.

As we've said before, Cunneyworth better have that copy of Rosetta Stone handy, or else he's going to be out of a job in a few months, if not even sooner than that.