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NHL lockout 2012: Negotiations stall on scheduled opening day

Sides remain far apart after two negotiating sessions in New York on Thursday.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

National Hockey League Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly told reporters in New York on Thursday that he thought negotiations between the league and the NHL Players Association would be further along by now.

"I would have expected we would have had an agreement," Daly said, according to "I would have expected we'd be dropping the puck."

Thursday was originally scheduled to be the first day of the season, but the NHL previously cancelled all games through Oct. 24 when negotiations stalled earlier this fall.

The major issue between the sides is an economic one. NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr has said that some progress has been made on the drug testing issue, but in today's discussions with the media, Daly accused the union of "making the same proposal three times (since Aug. 14) and they're suggesting that's three different proposals."

No further meetings are scheduled, but Daly, despite his frustrations at not making significant progress on a deal, did note that talks haven't reached a point where either side wants to walk away and not continue meeting.