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NHL lockout: League offer includes cap between $59.9 and 43.9 million

The newest salary cap offer would lower the current cap and set a floor below $44 million.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

As the NHL lockout continues, the league has provided their most recent offer for what new salary cap restrictions would be.

According to a report from Pierre LeBrun of ESPN, the new salary cap would be $59.9 million moving forward. However, in the first year of the new deal, teams would be allowed to pay $70.2 million to their players as they begin trimming payroll to meet the league's new cap requirement. Bob McKenzie of TSN reports that under the proposed deal, the cap floor would be $43.9 million in the first year.

You may recall that the salary cap following the 2005-2006 lockout was just about $39 million. That number has since come close to doubling, which has caused problems throughout the league.

The old collective bargaining agreement expired on Sept. 15, and it appears the two sides are still far apart in their negotiations. There were reports of optimism from the players on Tuesday, although it does not seem like a resolution will be met any time soon.