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NHL Lockout 2012: Sidney Crosby says 'it doesn't look good'

The face of the NHL, Sidney Crosby, sharply criticized the league's owners for their quick rejection of three new proposed deals from the union.

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Bruce Bennett

Sidney Crosby led a trio of players on Thursday who criticized the NHL owners' prompt rejection of the union's three new proposals. The NHL's most visible player summed up his remarks at a press conference with a blunt assessment of the labor negotiations, stating, "In a nutshell, it doesn't look good right now."

The NHLPA presented three counter-proposals to the league's 50-50 deal that was put on the table on Tuesday. According to Crosby, all three union offers were promptly rejected. Crosby told reporters, including James Mirtle of The Globe and Mail, that the owners shut things down "within ten minutes" of receiving the new proposed deals. The Penguins All-Star echoed the sentiments of fellow NHL captains Jonathan Toews and Shane Doan, articulating that the owners seem unwilling to negotiate (via Mirtle of The Globe and Mail):

"It's not even given a day to think about or crunch numbers. It's shutdown within minutes. That doesn't seem like a group that's willing to negotiate. I mean that's pretty clearly take it or leave it."

According to Mirtle, Crosby was clearly irked and emotional, a departure from his typically tranquil temperament.

Thursday seemed to be another major move toward a lost 2012-13 season. As the impasse wears on, Crosby indicated he will start to more seriously consider playing in Europe with the likely prospect of continued labor strife.