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NHL lockout 2012: League still hopeful for full 82-game season

The NHL is expected to cancel all games through Nov. 1, but is still hopeful that a condensed 82 game schedule can be played.

Jonathan Daniel

The NHL is expected to cancel all regular season games scheduled through Nov. 1 due to the ongoing collective bargaining negotiations with the NHL Players Association, according to Darren Dreger of TSN. However, the league is still optimistic it can play a condensed 82-game schedule that would begin on Nov. 2.

On Tuesday, the NHL tabled a proposal to the NHLPA that included a 50-50 split of all hockey-related revenue without salary rollbacks. However, the NHLPA believed the proposal still asked too much of the union and tabled three different proposals on Thursday, which they contended worked off the owners' latest offer and eventually worked to a 50-50 split.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman reacted negatively to the offers and stated that his constituency felt the same way. He characterized the offers as a step backwards, saying he was discouraged with the events of the day.

NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr echoed Bettman's somber opinion and questioned whether the NHL wanted to make a deal. As of this time, no future meetings have been scheduled.

It had previously been stated that for the NHL to play a condensed 82-game schedule, collective bargaining negotiations would have to be concluded by Thursday, Oct. 25, which gives the two sides about a week to resolve the dispute.