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NHL: We've lost $100 million by canceling 2012 preseason

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly stated on Tuesday afternoon that the NHL had lost $100 million by canceling the entirety of the preseason last Thursday. This is the first time since the lockout of the NHL Players Association was enacted on Sept. 15 that the league has quantified its losses.

Those losses should grow exponentially though, as Daly also reported that discussions between the NHL and NHLPA have failed to progress. This means that the next set of cancelations will be in the form of regular-season games, which were originally scheduled to begin on Oct. 11.

Considering the amount of time it would take for players to travel to North America, as well as the grace period they would require to train, the first set of games would likely have to be canceled regardless of how the talks were going. According to a report filed on Monday afternoon, the league is expected to start canceling games sometime this week.