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Alex Ovechkin repeats: Players will stay in KHL if lockout deal proves unfavorable

Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin said over the weekend that he would consider staying in Russia if the new NHL CBA is too unfavorable for the players.

Paul Bereswill

Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin delivered a bit of a bombshell over the weekend, stating that if the new NHL CBA is too unfavorable for the players, he may look to continue his career in Russia rather than returning to the NHL.

Ovechkin was asked if this kind of thing was possible after his KHL game on Saturday. His response (via Russian Machine Never Breaks):

I think yes. If my contract will be cut down greatly, it would be possible to annul it through the court.

Ovechkin was very critical of the NHL's most recent offer to the players, saying it was "nothing new" and "only good after a quick look." He says that there were a lot of hidden details in the offer that were mostly favorable to the owners. He also said that he does not expect the lockout to end any time soon.

Ovechkin is currently playing for the KHL's Dynamo Moscow, which is currently on top of the league.

The NHL recently canceled games through Nov. 1.