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Winter Classic 2013 next on the NHL lockout chopping block

The NHL could cancel the Winter Classic as early as next week.

Justin K. Aller

The NHL Winter Classic could be canceled as early as next week thanks to the ongoing collective bargaining negotiations between the NHL and NHL Players Association, according to a report by Michael Russo of the Star Tribune.

By next week, nonrefundable payments will need to start being made, including the $3 million required to rent the 110,000-seat University of Michigan stadium, which will start Dec. 1. Due to the millions of dollars required to put on this year's event in Detroit, the league will need to determine whether they will be able to hold the annual outdoor contest.

With three separate games scheduled in two different cities (two alumni games and potentially the highest attended hockey game in history), the event is different from previous years and requires more advanced timing than before.

With the league expected to cancel all regular season games through Nov. 30 on Friday, the Winter Classic is likely the next cancellation.