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Winter Classic 2013: Refund policy for ticket holders

The NHL has announced the refund policy for the 2013 Winter Classic, which was canceled on Friday.

Justin K. Aller

The NHL officially announced the cancelation of the 2013 Winter Classic on Friday afternoon due to the ongoing collective bargaining negotiations with the NHL Players Association.

In turn, the league also announced the refund policy for ticket holders who have purchased tickets to the event.

According to a post on the league's official website, primary ticket purchasers will receive full refunds from the authorized ticket outlet where they purchased their tickets. The purchaser will be given a full refund for the ticket purchase price, which will include service and processing fees. The refund will be granted through the same method as the payment was received, meaning, if a credit card was used, then the credit card will be refunded for the charge.

The post on the league's site also provided a link to another post detailing the events of the Hockeytown Winter Festival, which was supposed to be a two-week event featuring two alumni games and a host of games ranging from high school, college, Major junior and minor hockey league games.

According to that post, the same refund policy in place for the Winter Classic will be enacted for those games.

John Shannon of Sports Net is reporting that ticket holders may also have the option of holding onto their tickets as the event is expected to be held in Detroit in 2014. However, the league's refund policy makes no mention of such an option.