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NHL lockout 2012: Roman Hamrlik speaks out against Donald Fehr, NHLPA leadership

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Roman Hamrlik is sick of the lockout and he's taking out his frustrations on NHLPA chief Don Fehr.


It's just the opinion of one of 700-plus NHLPA members, but Washington Capitals defenseman Roman Hamrlik doesn't think his union is on the same page as the NHL lockout progresses.

In an interview with Czech-publication Daily Sport, Hamrlik dropped the bomb on NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr and the rest of the union leadership. Roman Jedlicka of TV NOVA Sport translated the interview.

"I am disgusted," Hamrlik said via a series of tweets from Jedlicka. "We have to push Fehr to the wall to get the deal. Time is against us. We lost a quarter of the season, it is $425 milliom. Who will give it back to us? Mr. Fehr? There should be voting between player. Four questions -- yes or no -- then count it. If half of players say lets play, then they should sign new CBA. If there is no season he should leave and we will find someone new. Time is our enemy."

The union has been largely united publicly since the work stoppage began on Sept. 15. At some times they've been laughably united, tweeting very obvious NHLPA talking points, but no player has gone rogue in such a way. Not publicly, at least.

Hamrlik is 38 years old and has one year left on his deal with Washington, so time certainly isn't on his side, which should be taken into account when considering his position. But it's still significant -- a player coming out publicly against his union. Could the rift be larger than just Hamrlik?