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NHL lockout: NHLPA made offers on revenue sharing, 'Make Whole'

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The NHL Players Association reportedly submitted new offers on revenue sharing and the "make whole" provision.

Christian Petersen

The NHL Players Association submitted new offers on Wednesday in regards to revenue sharing and the "make whole" provision, according to Chris Johnston of The Canadian Press. The NHLPA is expecting a response from the NHL during the negotiation meeting on Thursday.

Thursday's session marks the third straight day that the two sides will meet. After negotiating for an estimated 13 hours in an undisclosed location in New York over the course of the first two days, the NHL and NHLPA met around 1 p.m., ET on Thursday and are expected to continue their discussions on revenue sharing and "make whole."

The union is reportedly interested in an increased revenue-sharing system, which would require lucrative clubs to help clubs on the opposite end of the spectrum.

In terms of "make whole," the provision is a concept that would help honor player contracts signed in the previous collective bargaining agreement. According to Pierre LeBrun of ESPN, the owners are willing to absorb some of the financial commitment.