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NHL lockout 2012: Rangers owner James Dolan thinks he can help solve work stoppage

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James Dolan was key in negotiating an end to the NBA lockout, and reportedly believes he can do the same for the NHL.

Chris Trotman

James Dolan is willing to help negotiate an end to the NHL lockout, the New York Post reports.

Dolan is chairman of the Madison Square Garden company, which owns the New York Rangers. He had a substantial role in settling the 2011-2012 NBA lockout, and he reportedly believes he can bring the same small-market-sensitive concerns to the NHL discussions.

Given the lack of progress in talks, Dolan's involvement likely couldn't hurt. An attempt at mediation between the two sides was abandoned after just two days when the mediator concluded that the two sides were too far apart to progress toward an agreement.

Dolan has a significant financial incentive to see talks succeed. The Rangers are the second-most profitable franchise in the league, estimated by Forbes to be worth $750 million. Only the Toronto Maple Leafs stand to lose more if the full 2012-2013 NHL season is lost.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman's position on Dolan joining talks is unknown. Currently only the owners of the Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals, Calgary Flames and Minnesota Wild are involved in talks.