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NHL lockout 2012: League shoots down union proposal in seconds -- via voicemail

Nearly immediately after its announcement, the NHL shot down a union proposal. They apparently did it via voicemail.

Bruce Bennett

See this story we published minutes ago?

It was rosy, full of optimism and joy. And relevant for approximately four minutes.

Minutes after Don Fehr stepped to the podium and announced that the NHLPA had moved even closer to the league with a new proposal, the NHLPA leader stepped back to the mic and announced the complete opposite. The NHL had already gotten back to them -- via voicemail, he said -- on their proposal, and the news wasn't good.

Talks have broken off. Meetings are not scheduled for any time in the immediate future, despite the fact that, as Fehr said, it seems like the sides are right "on top of each other." Far too close to nuke a season over, for sure. We'll see where this goes from here, but on this Thursday night, it doesn't feel good.

Gary Bettman and Bill Daly are expected to step to the podium shortly. Stick with this StoryStream for updates.