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NHL lockout: Anonymous player hints at NHLPA division

With the lockout posing more of a financial challenge for some players than others, the NHLPA may see a split in the ranks.

Bruce Bennett

There may be a split brewing within the NHLPA.

An anonymous player quoted by the Denver Post's Adrian Dater claims NHLPA executive director Don Fehr told the players they could get a better deal out of the owners if they continue to hold out, despite many players being ready to take a deal and get back on the ice. Fehr reportedly made the appeal to the players on Wednesday amidst talks that had been progressing well.

Dater further reports that depth players are beginning to feel especially slighted, as the league's stars have huge contracts to protect while guys on the fringe are just fighting for jobs.

The idea that Sidney Crosby, Brad Richards and others are looking out for themselves above less prominent players has drawn skepticism from other members of the league. David Perron of the St. Louis Blues responded to Dater, questioning his implications.