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Pittsburgh Penguins Ask Fans: Hey, When Did You Join The Bandwagon?

The one relentless joke about Pittsburgh Penguins fans? They're all on the bandwagon. Nobody cared about hockey in Pittsburgh through years of futility, yet when that futility brought them Marc-Andre Fleury, Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby, boom. Gone was the chance that the team would move to Kansas City, and there were the fans, selling out the arena as if they had never left.

We all know that Pittsburgh is a pretty solid hockey town regardless. The bandwagon thing is one of those jokes that might have a little bit of truth to it, but it's never really all that serious. When your team finishes in last place for four straight years, fans are going to stop showing up. It happens. We understand.

Still, guys, that doesn't mean you should be calling attention to it.

This tweet from the Penguins' official Twitter account went out earlier on Monday. It has since been deleted, which is just silly because this is the Internet and nothing is ever really deleted.


Hey guys! When did you hop on the bandwagon?!

The responses live on despite the deleted initial Tweet. They are a gold mine.

And perhaps the most ironic of the bunch...