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Dustin Brown Trade Rumors: Kings Willing To Part With Captain At Deadline

Suddenly, in the wake of the Jeff Carter trade completed by the Los Angeles Kings on Thursday evening, the rumor mill has suddenly shifted away from Carter's former team, the Columbus Blue Jackets, right to his new one. Captain Dustin Brown is on the trade block, and naturally, a lot of teams are interested.

That's quite the list of teams. It makes sense, though. Not only is Brown a versatile forward with leadership qualities who knows how to get the puck in the back of the net, he's on a really friendly contract -- much more friendly than that of other huge trade piece Rick Nash.

Let's compare: Brown has just two years left on his deal at $3.175 million per year, while in acquiring Nash, a team would be taking on a $7.8 million cap hit until the summer of 2018. Nash also has a no-movement clause while Brown does not, which throws a huge wrench into any potential deal.

Kings blog Jewels From The Crown asked what the team should ask for in return for Brown, but no matter what Dean Lombardi would ask in return, it's certainly less than what Scott Howson is asking for Nash in Columbus.

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