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Calgary Flames Twitter Account Not Fond Of Ales Hemsky

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The Edmonton Oilers hold a long-standing rivalry with the Calgary Flames. Ales Hemsky is a member of the Oilers -- although who knows if that'll be the case by Monday's NHL trade deadline -- and in an Edmonton Journal story Friday, it was speculated that the forward could receive up to $5 million per season on a new contract.

Judging by Tuomo Ruutu's staggering four-year, $19-million US deal to stay with the Carolina Hurricanes, Hemsky is worth at least $5 million a year in Edmonton. He's considerably better offensively than Ruutu, with three seasons of 60 or more points.

Somebody in Calgary thought this was laughable, and it seems that person also happens to run the Flames' official Twitter account. They inadvertently shared their opinion on the wrong account, and it was utterly hilarious.

Click to enlarge. It's been deleted so we can't link to the Tweet directly.


The tweet read: "$10 Million over two years for Hemsky is the funniest thing I've heard in a long, long time. I hope it happens. #whatajoke"

It's since been deleted, of course, but not before it became the laughing stock of the Internet for a good 20 minutes.

Don't worry: the Flames are looking into the matter, which is just code for "Hey, we're hiring for this position again!"