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Flames Apologize For Accidentally Mocking Oilers' Ales Hemsky Contract

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The Calgary Flames apologized Friday for an inadvertent tweet earlier in the day from the club's official Twitter account (@NHLFlames) criticizing Ales Hemsky's two-year, $10 million extension with the rival Edmonton Oilers.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, read: "$10 million over two years for Hemsky is the funniest thing I've heard in a long, long time. I hope it happens. #whatajoke"

The Flames released the following explanation on their website:

Earlier today an inappropriate tweet was sent from our @NHLFlames account by a staff member. The below tweet was meant to come from a personal account, which we do not condone either, but mistakenly made its way onto our timeline.

The tweet was deemed inappropriate and immediately deleted; however we do acknowledge its existence. We quickly followed up on our account with the following tweet:

It is an internal issue that will be dealt with and it does not reflect the thoughts and opinions of the Calgary Flames organization.

hat-tip: Calgary Herald.

The Flames had no choice but to apologize, but it's fun to imagine a world in which team staffers are allowed to troll opposing teams like a boxing promoter. Rivalries are what make sports fun, not polite PR-speak.