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NHL Relocation: Saskatoon Wants To Join Long List Of Potential League Cities

Saskatoon gets in line as one of the many cities interested in an NHL team. Groups there are interested in purchasing and relocating an NHL franchise to play at Credit Union Centre.

The city of Saskatoon is interested in becoming the next new home of the National Hockey League. Seattle, Quebec City, Kansas City (and perhaps even Houston and Las Vegas) welcome them to the club.

Over at TSN, Bob McKenzie reports that there have been "expressions of interest" from individuals or groups that would like to purchase and relocate an existing NHL franchise to town. A team would play in the Credit Union Centre, the current home of the WHL's Saskatoon Blades, a building that seats 15,195 for hockey following renovations in 2011.

It wouldn't be the smallest NHL arena, a distinction that belongs to MTS Centre in Winnipeg, which holds 15,005 for Jets games. Those in Saskatoon wishing to bring an NHL team to town are likely buoyed by the success of the Jets so far in their inaugural season, but the major difference between the two locales is overall size.

Winnipeg is the seventh-largest metropolitan area in Canada with a population just over 730,000, according to the 2011 Census. Saskatoon boasts just the 17th largest metropolitan area in the country, home to around 260,600 people. There are nine larger markets in Canada that do not host NHL teams, including Quebec City and Hamilton, Ont.

We might not know whether or not an NHL franchise would be viable in Saskatoon, but there are apparently millionaires out there who believe it could be. In any event, it seems clear that many of those other cities on the list are far ahead of Saskatoon when it comes to the chance to purchase and relocate an NHL team.

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