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VIDEO: Sorry Devin Setoguchi, The Price Is Wrong

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There's a thin line between being the hero or goat in the NHL -- as thin as an ice skate blade. And sometimes ice skate blades catch a groove in the ice and send a guy tumbling. After Thursday's shootout between the Canadiens and Wild, Devin Setoguchi knows this. Chuckle at his misfortune below the jump.

Wait, wait, something's missing. Let's try that again:


(To be completely fair, it's impossible to pin this loss completely on Setoguchi. The Canadiens blew a 4-1 lead in the final five minutes of regulation, with Setoguchi capping off Minnesota's comeback by scoring his 16th goal of the season with just 9.8 seconds left on the clock. It's just too bad he followed that with an automatic submission to the NHL's all-time blooper reel.)

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