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VIDEO: It Seems As Though Sean Avery Retired On Bravo TV

Bravo TV is the home to such series' as Real Housewives, Top Chef and Inside the Actor's Studio. Not exactly the typical hockey demographic there. Ah, but Sean Avery is not the typical hockey player. In fact, he might not even be a hockey player anymore.

Monday on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, a late-night talk show, Avery joined the crew and answered questions from viewers. In the answer to one of those questions, he retired from the game. We think. Maybe.

I am officially retired. I threw my skates in the Hudson. [laughter] It's the river.

And with that, the illustrious hockey career of Sean Avery came to a close. Perhaps he was joking? Agent Pat Morris told the Canadian Press his client was joking, but according to the New York Post ...

Tuesday morning, Avery told The Post, "No, that wasn't a joke; yes I'm retiring at the end of the season, and it's OK.

"I guess that was my retirement press conference."

It would be awkwardly and hilariously fitting if Avery, often the butt of jokes for his atypical off-ice interests, actually announced his retirement on the TV network best known for Project Runway. On a TV set next to Nicole Richie. In the same sentence as a Kate Hudson joke.

From a hockey perspective, retirement probably makes sense for Avery. He's basically refused to play in the AHL with the Connecticut Whale and after several trips on re-entry waivers, it's clear that no NHL team has interest despite the opportunity to grab him at half his salary cap hit.

The KHL option is always on the table, though, and considering KHL games will be played in Brooklyn next season, the thought of Avery's return to New York... oh, man.