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VIDEO: Sidney Crosby Takes Puck To The Face

It's getting to the point where one has to wonder if Sidney Crosby is cursed. The repeated head trauma is bad enough -- costing him lengthy periods of ice time and putting his career, and long-term health, in doubt. But then, just as he's getting back on track and back into the groove, he took a puck straight to the face on Thursday night.

The scene was an ugly one, with Crosby crumpling to the ice after stepping in front of an attempt to clear the puck. The hit left Crosby down for a few moments before he was helped to the bench with a towel over his face. Yes, there was blood -- quite a bit of it, in fact.

Video after the jump. This version of the video isn't too graphic, if you're squeamish.

Let's all just hope there are no lasting effects from this. The last thing Crosby needed was another blow to the head area, even if it was an errant puck.