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VIDEO: Toronto Maple Leafs Fans Chant 'Let's Go Blue Jays'

Brayden Schenn had a two-run homer in the first and Wayne Simmonds added a two-run jack of his own later as the Philadelphia Phillies blew out the Toronto Blue Jays on Thursday night, 7-1. The Jays managed but a single run, coming by way of a second-inning balk in which the pitcher accidentally fell down on the mound, making the score a respectable 2-1 at the time.

After that, it was all Philly, with a smattering of runs in the middle innings and three more runs late in the game to seal Toronto's fate. Jussi Rynnas was tagged with the loss after allowing seven runs in a complete game. Sergei Bobrovsky took home the win, allowing just one run during a complete game in which he was rarely tested.

Oh, right ... this was a hockey game. We sure about that? Because the Toronto Maple Leafs fans in attendance didn't seem to be. Could've sworn this was a baseball game, what with the "Let's Go Blue Jays" chant and all.

You know things are bad when Toronto fans are chanting for the Blue Jays. If that's a step up from the current state of sports in the city ... well, it's been a rough year so far.