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PHOTO: Toronto Maple Leafs' Playoff Chances Officially In The Trash

Since Feb. 7, the Toronto Maple Leafs have won just two hockey games. They've lost 12 games over that stretch (one in overtime) and have fallen clear out of the Eastern Conference playoff race. General manager Brian Burke fired his head coach as a hopeful remedy, but three games into the Randy Carlyle era, it's looking like the move was too little, too late.

Somebody at MasterCard Centre, the Leafs' practice facility in Toronto, realizes this. What once was a tack board displaying the Eastern Conference playoff picture has found a new home. It's not on a wall.

Via FAN590's David Alter:


In reality, the Leafs are not completely out of it. They're five points back of No. 8 Washington heading into Friday night's action, and we all know how awful every team in the race has been playing lately. If the Leafs can string some wins together, the playoffs might not be completely out of the question. If the Leafs can string some wins together ...

H/T: Pension Plan Puppets