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ANIMATED: Hulk Hogan Look-Alike Taunts Players After Penguins-Flyers Brawl

Sunday's game between bitter rivals the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers turned ugly just before the end. A hip check by Joe Vitale on Danny Briere sparked a brawl between players and incited a screaming match between the coaches of the two teams. Luckily, a Penguins fan harnessed the power of Hulkamania to help calm things down.

First, here is the video of the collision and ensuing brawl and shouting match.

It was a pretty brutal hit. Just watch Briere's head snap back and you can see what we're talking about. Likely what sparked the brawl and coaches standing on the boards to yell at each other was the game being a high-scoring slugfest already and tempers just boiled over. It's possible the NHL may take a look at the hit, as they've been cracking down on reckless and dangerous hits this season much moreso than usual.

Our friend the Hulk Hogan look-alike was on the scene, just behind the glass in back of the Flyers bench. He utilized his deep understanding of conflict-resolution tactics to try and calm things down.


In a display of solidarity, Flyers player Scott Hartnell returned the universal symbol of Hulk Hogan camaraderie, the "let me hear you" hand-twirling cup of the ear.


Aw, best friends! Only the power of Hulkamania can truly bridge the divide between hometown fans and the opposing team. How fitting that this should happen on WrestleMania Sunday! We salute you, Hulk Hogan Guy. We are forever in your debt.

"Hulk Hogan Guy" is apparently on Twitter, @MalkaMania71. Make sure to tell him how deeply you appreciate him.