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Darren Helm Takes Skate To Wrist, Leaves Game For Hospital

Darren Helm of the Detroit Red Wings has been hospitalized in the Nashville area after taking a skate blade to the wrist in Game 1 of the Western Conference quarterfinals against the Predators.

The injury occurred in the first period of the contest when Helm went to hit a Nashville player along the boards. It was a gorgeous hit -- perhaps too gorgeous, as the Preds player flipped end-over-end, his skate flying up and catching Helm's right wrist.


Helm went immediately to the locker room after tossing aside his glove and flying to the bench. He was on just his sixth shift of the hockey game, totaling 3:08 of ice time before getting hurt. It was also Helm's first game back after a knee injury suffered March 17 against the San Jose Sharks that sidelined the forward for the remainder of the regular season.

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