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Los Angeles Kings' Twitter Account Is Amazing, Must Never Change

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The Los Angeles Kings' Twitter account might be the best in North American professional sports. I'm sure there's some hilarious feed run by some European soccer team or something, but as far as sports on our fair continent, the Kings are as good as it gets.

Whoever runs the account brought out their "A" game for Game 1 of the 2012 NHL playoffs on Wednesday night against the Vancouver Canucks, and after the Kings' 4-2 win, some Canucks fans did not take too kindly to it all.

The tweet garnered plenty of responses, many of which asserted that the tweet was somehow "classless," which is the dumbest thing any sports fan can say, ever.

But see, here's the thing: Canada hates the Canucks. Most of the NHL hates the Canucks. It's just the way it is. Ask a Leafs fan. Ask a Habs fan. Ask a Flames fan or an Oilers fan. Hell, ask a Jets fan. They hate the Canucks. British Columbia generally loves the team, but the rest of the country and most hockey fans in the United States generally can't stand them.

It's one thing to be hilarious. It's another completely awesome thing to be 100 percent right while being hilarious.

Yet for whatever disappointing reason, the Kings apologized for the tweet on Thursday. Via the L.A. Times:

"We encourage our digital team to be creative, interactive and to apply a sense of humor whenever possible," [Kings VP of communications Mike Altieri] said. "To anyone who found this offensive, we sincerely apologize."

General Manager Dean Lombardi issued a statement before the team practiced Thursday. "In no way did this reflect the opinion of the players, coaches or staff of the LA Kings toward an organization and fan base we respect."

You shittin' me with that, guys? It doesn't seem like this is going to change the tone of the Kings' account, nor should it. But if they're forced to tone it down at all because a few people were angry at a harmless joke -- one which busted the typical mold of boring cliches that stream out of official team feeds across the league -- then we all officially take sports too seriously and we all hate fun.

We don't really want this to go away, do we?


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