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Mechanical Bull Gets Best Of Drunk Philadelphia Flyers Fan

You might understand why Philadelphia Flyers fans got extra inebriated after Wednesday night's 10-3 (!) loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Conveniently, there's a new bar complex just outside Wells Fargo Center in South Philly, and there's a mechanical bull there.

This can only end hilariously.

As you can see, the (clearly drunk) guy actually does better on the bull than most. The "falling asleep" tactic really seems to work for him. The bull bucks several times before throwing the guy off ... but oh, man, does he get thrown off.

When he finally falls at around the 34-second mark, combined with a rather timely "Last call for alcohol!," I was sure this video had peaked. How wrong was I? I didn't anticipate a fist fight with the bull, that's for sure.

He throws a few wild punches (and kicks!) to start before regrouping and organizing an offensive from the north. He seems to get some solid body shots in on the bull before the animal bucks forward, right at his face. He smartly backs off regroups and comes in full bore. He then engages an evasive maneuver and attacks from behind, a smart move in the face of the angry bull, after which he mounts and is thrown off yet again.

After three more attempts to defeat the beast, he decides to retreat for good ... and well, that doesn't quite work out for him, either. Bull 1, Drunk Flyers Fan 0. Game 5 on Friday may be in Pittsburgh, but the bar will be open, and the bull will be ready for another challenge.

h/t Puck Daddy