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GIF: David Krejci's Face Almost Sliced By Skate

Every time somebody gets cut by a skate in the NHL -- and it happens in a minor way maybe once a year, if I had to guess -- we always think of two things:

a) Clint Malarchuk

b) How does this not happen more often?

The reality is that close calls probably happen a whole lot more than we realize, but on Thursday night at the Verizon Center, we noticed one. David Krejci should feel quite lucky.


That's Matt Hendricks' skate, coming inches -- perhaps less than an inch -- from Krejci's neck and chin in the second period of Game 4 between the Capitals and Bruins. That's in slow motion, obviously, and if you were to switch this back to realtime speed, you'd see just how the the slightest move from Hendricks could have seriously injured Krejci in an awfully scary way.

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