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Marcus Johansson Demonstrates Capitals' New-Found Commitment To Defense

The first round Stanley Cup Playoff series between the Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins has been defined by a tight-checking, defensive style of hockey. The Caps aren't a team that's known for that kind of game, and the conventional wisdom is that they don't have the personnel to play and win in that type of game.

But the Bruins seem to be dictating that type of hockey, and it's right up their alley with one of the best defensive pairings in the game and the reigning Vezina Trophy winner on their roster. The Caps have held strong thanks to the impressive play of young goaltender Braden Holtby, but it's more than just goaltending that's keeping Washington competitive against the defending champs.

Plenty of Capitals have embraced a commitment to defense, and it's safe to say Marcus Johansson is one of them. This play occurred while the score was tied 1-1 in the second period of Game 4:


That's a goal without the phenomenal effort from No. 90, and if that's a goal, the Bruins are in control of the game.

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