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Bruins Vs. Capitals, NHL Playoffs 2012 Game 5: Impressive Goaltending Continues In Scoreless First Period

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The first four games of the first round series between the Bruins and Capitals fhave been dominated by excellent goaltending, and that trend continued in the first period of Game 5, which entered the first intermission in a scoreless tie. Both teams had solid scoring chances, but the goaltenders, and pipes in a couple instances, quickly snuffed out the opportunities.

The game was called tight in the first period, with the referees showing little tolerance for extracurriculars. The Bruins went on the power play first, when the Caps' defenseman John Carlson went barreling into Tim Thomas after firing a shot from the top. It appeared Carlson tried to put the brakes on as he got to the front of the crease, but the hard-charging slew of Bruins helped nudge him into Thomas, and then helped rub his face into the ice for colliding so violently with their goaltender. Washington would kill off the penalty without incident, as Braden Holtby continued his impressive work in the crease.

Troy Brouwer and Stephen Paille were sent to the box for unsportsmanlike conduct after some chippiness while the teams were setting up a for a face-off at the mid-point of the period. With four-on-four play, Bruins' captain Zdeno Chara was whistled for roughing Alex Ovechkin shortly after the unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Chara put a clean check on Oveckhin along the boards, and gave him a little push with his glove as Ovie was heading to the ice. But the two connected just seconds later in front of the net, and the officials sent Chara to the box for an extra cross-check chuck to Ovechkin after the whistle. Dennis Wideman fired a rocket at Thomas but Boston killed off the penalty with relative ease.

The Bruins hit the pipes twice, but could not break through against Holtby. One rocket went just off the top of the crossbar, and then Paille had a breakaway shorthanded chance that went right past Holtby but deflected just off the short side post. Washington finished the period with 11 shots on goal while Boston peppered Holtby 10 times, but again each netminder was up to the task.

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