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ANIMATED: Bruins, Capitals Bad At This 'Skating' Thing

A defining characteristic of ice hockey seems to be -- largely, anyway -- that you know how to ice skate. Further, that you skate fairly well-to-excellently. In Game 5 between the Boston Bruins and the Washington Capitals on Saturday, members of both teams seem to have forgotten about the unwritten rule of "be good at skating."

Exhibit A: In widescreen! (click to animate)


"Hup whups whoaaa down I go!" Bonus points for trying to play it off like he's a cat that just fell off a table while cleaning itself.

Exhibit B:


"Okay eyes on the puck, you got this, get ready for the shot. Steady now ... "





This game's only a few minutes in but it's already clear that hockey is the best. It's also clear that the worse these professional hockey players skate, the more exponentially entertaining the hockey game becomes. Who knew?