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Scott Hartnell Taunted By Divorce Joke, Gets Last Laugh

Scott Hartnell and his ex-wife went through a semi-public divorce several years ago. He's never really talked about it with the media, nor should he have to, but that doesn't mean opposing fans haven't tried to use it against him.

In Pittsburgh, Pa., Hartnell isn't exactly a popular human being. So when the Flyers were in town to play the Penguins during the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, one fan taunted him with a sign: "SID LIKES LISA RENNEKE."

Sid, of course, is Sidney Crosby, Penguins star. Lisa Renneke would be Hartnell's ex. It's not the most clever of insults, but it was there nonetheless, displayed prominently at ice level during warmups at CONSOL Energy Center. Hartnell didn't acknowledge the sign at the time, but after the Flyers dispatched the Pens in Game 6 in Philly, he got his revenge.

She's all yours. Hartnell wins.

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