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Florida Panthers President Michael Yormark Isn't Great At Twitter

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The Florida Panthers have this tradition, see. It's called the Rat Trick, where after big goals and after playoff victories, fans throw fake rats onto the ice. It's pretty neat, and it's always good to see tradition from a team that doesn't exactly have the richest hockey history.

But in their playoff series this year against the Devils, a few fans got a little excited, throwing the rats on the ice in the middle of the game. This is something the Panthers cannot allow, and they've stopped selling the plastic rats at games as a result.

Team president Michael Yormark made note of the ban via his Twitter feed, and it was a little odd when he blamed fans of the Devils for the rats that flew onto the ice surface in the middle of play.


But no, seriously, this is a bit odd. For starters, it's almost impossible to tell who actually threw rats on the ice in the middle of the game -- especially considering every fan in attendance at either arena in this series likely has some red in their outfit -- but it all comes off a little petty. Don't blame Devils fans, man. Just stop selling the rats and move on.

Some folks on Twitter pointed this out to Mr. Yormark. Mr. Yormark did not like that one bit.

Oh damn, Yormark played the "I have more followers than you!" card. Impressive tactic. Let's see how that's working out for him.



This is the part where you laugh hysterically.