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Joel Ward Targeted On Twitter After Game-Winning Goal

So, there's this problem with Twitter, the Internet and unfiltered thoughts. It leads to some stupidity -- Stone Age stupidity -- in moments of emotion. And when a black man scores a game-winning goal in Game 7 of an NHL playoff series? You know what's coming.

Language warning and disclaimer go here. And we're off.

Ahem, that's a #your, as well.

There are more. In fact, there are a lot more. They can be found right over here. Read 'em if you want to remind yourself how terrible society can be.

I still can't believe people will resort to racial slurs, death threats and other nasty things over a game. One more time: A game. Not the end of the world, not a serious life issue ... a game. And game or not, this shit isn't acceptable -- no matter the time or place.

But hey, I'm sure these fine upstanding citizens will go on to great successes. Or something like that.

Update: The Bruins have released a statement condemning these fans.