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Jonathan Quick Makes Ridiculously Lucky Game 2 Save Vs. Blues

The Kings are dominating the Blues in Game 2 at Scottrade Center. All you need to do is look at the 5-1 score through two periods to realize that, but in dominating a playoff game in such fashion, you need to get the bounces too.

If this Jonathan Quick save from late in the second period is any indication, the Kings are getting all the bounces.


It's not all luck, of course. That it didn't cross the goal line is the lucky part, but Quick seemed to have a sixth sense, knowing that puck had squeaked through his pads despite the fact that it never seemed to touch him until he jumped back on it. Maybe a defenseman like Matt Greene, who makes a cameo in the GIF above, yelled to Quick and told him the puck was squeaking through.

We have the technology to figure that out, but it does not work through the GIF. The GIF, as glorious as it may be, has its flaws. Yet the flaws make it an endearing medium, and for that, we love the GIF. Jonathan Quick and the Kings love this GIF in particular, we assume.

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