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Larry Robinson Not Interested In Montreal Canadiens Coaching Job, Says Report

Despite a report by the Toronto Sun that New Jersey Devils assistant coach Larry Robinson would be interested in joining the Canadiens, he has denied the report saying that interest was old and there has been no contact. Even if Robinson were interested, the Canadiens would have to ask the Devils permission to interview him, and an interview wouldn't be able to take place until the Devils were finished with the NHL Playoffs.

Robinson denied he was interested in the Habs job, according to a report in the New York Post.

Devils assistant coach and 2000 Cup-winning head coach Larry Robinson vehemently ripped a report suggesting he is interested in joining the new Montreal regime, saying that comments attributed to an agent, whom he called a friend, were five years old and that there has been no such contact or interest

The Habs apparently need to look elsewhere for their new head coach.

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