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John Tortorella Doesn't Know What You're Talking About

Rangers coach John Tortorella gave an absolute gem of a press conference after Game 1, and it was in stark comparison to his 31-word session with reporters earlier in the day.

Not only did Torts talk, though, he made one reporter look downright silly for a question that made absolutely zero sense. It was as deadpan and funny as you'd expect, as long as you're not that reporter.

The question, which begins at 1:17 of the above video:

Q: Coach, with respect to Chris Kreider's game tonight, I know Jerry York tells his BC guys about playing to take the sticks away at this point of the season when you're trying to knock a team out. That they're not going to give you their sticks. That you have to take them away. Is that the kind of mentality why a kid like Chris can come in right out of college and have the kind of game he had last night?

TORTORELLA: I have no idea what you're talking about.


He played good, though. He played a good game.