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NHL Awards 2012: SB Nation Bloggers Select Vezina Trophy Winner

SB Nation's collection of hockey bloggers have teamed up to vote for the 2012 NHL Awards. Over the next several days, we'll reveal our winners for seven different league awards. First up on Monday: the Vezina Trophy.

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The Vezina Trophy is awarded annually to the best goaltender in the NHL. Here at SB Nation, bloggers from our 33 hockey blogs have cast their own ballots for the award.

Ballots featured three fill-in-the-blank spaces for the Vezina Trophy, and voters were asked to select a third-place finisher, a second-place finisher and a winner for the award. Players receiving third-place votes were awarded one point, second-place votes were awarded two points and first-place votes were awarded three points. 39 ballots were submitted in total.

And the winner is ....

Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles Kings


Here's the full points breakdown -- not votes, points, based on the criteria detailed above. Three points for a first-place vote, two points for a second-place vote and one point for a third-place vote:

Jonathan Quick 6 Jonathan Quick 20 Jonathan Quick 60 86
Henrik Lundqvist 9 Henrik Lundqvist 26 Henrik Lundqvist 42 77
Mike Smith 14 Mike Smith 14 Mike Smith 6 34
Pekka Rinne 9 Pekka Rinne 14 Pekka Rinne 9 32

Brian Elliott 4

Jimmy Howard 1


Be sure to check in with your favorite SB Nation hockey blogs to see how writers covering each team cast their ballots. Check back on Tuesday as we announce our winner of the James Norris Memorial Trophy, awarded annually to the NHL's top defenseman.

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