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Montreal Canadiens Name Rick Dudley Assistant General Manager

The Montreal Canadiens have had a rough couple of seasons. On Thursday, the team announced it has made some front office moves in hopes of strengthening the team going forward.

A press release at the official Canadiens website announces that Rick Dudley will be named the assistant general manager. The release also states that assistant general manager Larry Carriere will receive a contract extension. Canadiens executive vice president and general manager Marc Bergevin had this to say:

"Rick Dudley is a very knowledgeable and proficient hockey executive and we are pleased to welcome him in our organization in the position of assistant general manager. Rick has been actively involved at the management level in the NHL for many years and is one of the league's most respected executives. An outstanding talent evaluator, he has extensive experience as a scout. The success he enjoyed at all levels throughout his career speaks volume of his expertise. We are thrilled to have both Rick and Larry Carrière as assistant general managers for several seasons to come," said Bergevin.

Dudley previously worked as associate general manager and then general manager with the Atlanta Thrashers and spent 2011-12 with the Toronto Maple Leafs as Director, Player Personnel. Dudley has a history of success as a general manager in the IHL, AHL and ECHL.

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