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VIDEO: Claude Giroux Hit On Dainius Zubrus; Suspension Worthy?

Claude Giroux isn't the type of player that typically takes shots at opposing players heads, but when your team is getting utterly dominated by the opposition for the third playoff game in a row, frustration can take over.

Frustration took over for him, and he delivered an awful shot to the head of Dainius Zubrus at the end of the second period in Game 4 vs. the Devils.

Puck is gone. Primary point of contact is the head. Zubrus seemed to be alright afterward, but we'll have to see if any injury comes out of this. It's an illegal hit, and if this were the regular season, it'd probably be a suspendable hit. As we've learned in these playoffs, though, the NHL is reluctant to toss out star players in these situations, and the two-minute minor penalty for head contact might be the only discipline resulting from the play.

At most, Giroux will likely get a fine, although who really, truthfully honestly knows what's going through Brendan Shanahan's head when analyzing these hits? A one-game suspension wouldn't be shocking either. What do you think will happen to Giroux?