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Phoenix Coyotes Sale: Greg Jamison, NHL Reach Tentative Deal To Keep Team In Arizona, According To Report

The Phoenix Coyotes have gone through years of drama and speculation about a move that, at one point, seemed nearly inevitable. When the team was knocked out of the Stanley Cup playoffs in 2011, their home fans stayed in the arena long after buzzer to show appreciation for a team they thought they might never see again. Now, it looks like the Coyotes will be staying in Phoenix.

Nothing has been finalized yet, but the NHL has reached a tentative deal to sell the Coyotes to a group led by Greg Jamison. The Coyotes are currently losing money in Arizona, but Jamison plans to keep them in their current home and find a way to make them profitable. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is holding a press conference on Monday, during which he is expected to announce that the league is in final negotiations with Jamison for the team's sale.

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