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Kings At Leon: LA Tries To Keep It Light With Stand Up Trip

You have to keep it serious on the ice during the Stanley Cup Finals, but you can imagine when you have two days in between games, you want to keep it as light as possible, at least for a little bit. The Los Angeles Kings tried to do just that in New York City Thursday night.

The team traveled into the Big Apple to watch JB Smoove -- best known as Larry's ruckus-raising pal Leon on Curb Your Enthusiasm -- do stand up. The boys from LA clearly enjoyed the trip, with Kings forward (and Game 1 goal-scorer) Colin Fraser called Smoove "a funny guy" and called the trip "a team bonding event, something to change up the scenery." It's safe to say the Los Angeles Kings got as far away from the tension-filled scenery of Stanley Cup hockey on Thursday night.

For those unfamiliar with Smoove, here's this (perhaps NSFW for language) video of the best moments of Leon throughout his run on the show. Hard to imagine what Leon would make of hockey, but I guarantee he'd feel he was taken seriously trying it as long as he wore glasses.