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Tim Thomas Thinks We're All DOOMED

Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas, almost as well known for his work as for being a Tea Party supporter and White House trip-skipper, is considering taking off the 2012-13 NHL season for, uh, reasons, and explained more of them on Saturday when he posted a link to an apocalyptic forecast for the global economic system mentioned by the Glenn Beck-backed news site, The Blaze, on his Facebook page, before deleting it, then reposting it.

Raoul Pal, the guy who wrote the presentation The Blaze's post is based on, runs a site called The Global Macro Investor, which is apparently so vital that "membership is extremely restricted," and his presentation (30-click slideshow!) is full of prophecies tailored for people hired by conspiracy connoisseur Beck to post on the weekend after Business Insider, which hasn't met a story it couldn't aggregate, gets almost a million page views for posting them.

Thomas also posted a link to another article from the Daily Mail, a British tabloid that hasn't met a story it couldn't give a 43-word sensational headline, in which a guy with really awesome hair who also happens to be the head of the World Bank uses the occasion of a bad day of financial news on Friday to issue his own dire warnings.

Both posts have since been both deleted and reposted, but the screencaps of them here, saved for posterity, show that Thomas posted them with the same message: "See why hockey isn't so important right now?"



I get it, Tim. I understand why you, who made $5 million in 2011-12, would decide that you should not do a thing that pays you millions of dollars. Hockey, after all, is way less important than knowing what everyone's uncles will write in their next email.