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Pucking Around: Fluke Bounce Ends AHL Game

While most of the world was watching the Heat and Celtics battle in the NBA playoffs, the Toronto Marlies and Norfolk Admirals were battling in the Calder Cup Finals. Think Stanley Cup, except for the AHL. And boy was the end of Thursday night's game wild.

The gist of this is simple: The game was in overtime and without a goal. The Admirals went to dump the puck into the Marlies zone harmlessly, and something quite odd happened.

As the goaltender left his post to collect the dump pass behind the net -- where he expected it would end up -- it hit a stanchion along the glass, leading to this:

That's the puck bouncing into the empty net as the Marlies chase it down in a futile effort. There was nothing they could do, all thanks to an incredibly lucky bounce. Try that 1,000 more times, probably more, and it wouldn't happen again.