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Alexei Kovalev Hopes To Make NHL Return In 2012-13

After a one-year hiatus, Alexei Kovalev says he's ready to make a comeback to the NHL.

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Former NHL veteran Alexei Kovalev told TVA Sports that he is ready to make a comeback to the league after playing a season in the Kontinental Hockey League this past year.

Kovalev, 39, has been training in Switzerland and says he's had a few tryout offers come his way, but wouldn't reveal which teams were looking at him. Here's what he told the Quebec-based sports channel:

"I've received invitations to training camps and hopefully (can) begin skating towards the end of August to be ready for next season (in the NHL)."

In his 22 games last season, Kovalev recorded a goal and five assists, but his 18-year career in the NHL is much more memorable. He's been on the ice for the Montreal Canadiens, Pittsburgh Penguins, Ottawa Senators and New York Rangers on his way to scoring 1,024 points in 1,302 games.

No doubt, there is a team somewhere in this league that could use his experience and ability. Here's to hoping a collective bargaining agreement is reached so Kovalev at least has a chance at this comeback.

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