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San Jose Sharks Reported Favorite In Shane Doan Derby

It's now August and Shane Doan is still distinctly available on the free agent market in the NHL. He's visited with more than half of the Atlantic Division, several other teams around the league and has received interest from countless others. One potential darkhorse favorite in this race? The San Jose Sharks.

According to CSN California, the Sharks are indeed a favorite for Doan's services should he decide not to return to the Coyotes. San Jose doesn't have the cap space to fit in the $7.5 million cap hit Doan's reported contract demand would carry, but the team can go over the salary cap by 10 percent during the offseason. That would give them time to make a subsequent move to shed salary in the event Doan signs there.

We've sort of been under the assumption that if things don't work out for Doan with the Phoenix Coyotes -- and he still does hope it will work out there -- that he'd come to one of the big markets around the league. New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh all seem like possible options, and he's also visited with the Vancouver Canucks, another big money club. The Sharks are definitely off the radar a bit, at least in terms of what we've expected to date.

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