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Martin Havlat On NHL Lockout: 'We're Not Humans In Their Eyes'

San Jose Sharks forward Martin Havlat responded on Sunday to the comments made by Detroit Red Wings vice president Jim Devellano, by stating that the players are not humans in the eyes of the owners.

Devellano stated in an interview with Island Sports News on Thursday that the owners could be viewed as a ranch and the players as cattle (Devellano included himself as part of the cattle). Havlat stated that the players already knew that the owners only view them as commodities and is glad the public finally gets to see this.

Via the Twitter feed of Allan Walsh:

"The comments made by Devellano are nothing new. The players know that's how Bettman and some of the owners think, we're not shocked at being called ‘cattle'. I can tell you the players have been called a lot worse by some of the guys on the other side, it's just never been reported publicly. I think it helps that the fans get to hear what we already know, we're not humans in their eyes, we're just pieces of meat that get to eat some grass for awhile."

Devellano was reportedly fined $250,000 by the NHL for his comments.

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