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Winnipeg Jets Acknowledge Likely NHL Lockout

The Winnipeg Jets aren't skirting the possibility of an NHL lockout. The team sent its stakeholders and season ticket holders a message on Thursday, becoming one of the first to officially acknowledge that the NHL Players' Association and the league likely face a lockout.

TSN got a hold of the message, one that simply warned its recipients that an agreement might not be reached anytime soon. The league's current collective bargaining agreement expires Sept. 15.

"Although it is the League's objective to successfully conclude negotiations for the new Agreement by September 15th, it is possible this may not occur."

The letter went on to give its purpose. Obviously, the most important reason for the Jets to issue the statement is to let fans and team partners know that the organization isn't too hopeful that an agreement with the players will be reached. In that, the Jets said they are in the process of developing a contingency plan for the possibility of games being cancelled.

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