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Roberto Luongo rumors: Canucks goalie arrives in Vancouver, isn't worried about trade

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Roberto Luongo isn't worried about a potential trade and is happy to be back in Vancouver with his teammates.

Jonathan Daniel

Vancouver Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo arrived in Vancouver on Friday and stated that he is excited to be back.

Despite Luongo becoming one of the biggest stories in the NHL these days, the goaltender downplayed the trade speculation that has surrounded him during this past week. With the Canucks assumed to be heading into the future with Cory Schneider as the club's No. 1 goaltender, it is commonly believed that Luongo will be dealt.

Luongo has already given general manager Mike Gillis his blessing to search for the best deal he can find. Of course, Luongo has final say on any move given his no-trade clause.

With rumors abound about the 33-year-old netminder ultimately ending up with the Toronto Maple Leafs, there are also reports that the Edmonton Oilers, Florida Panthers and Philadelphia Flyers are all interested in potentially acquiring his services.

Regardless of all the attention, Luongo stated that he isn't concerned with what happens and is comfortable allowing the process to take its course, via the Province:

"I'm a bit more laid-back, I would say, when it comes to situations like this.

"I'm not too worried about it. I'm not stressed out about it, no matter where I am. Whether that's here or somewhere else, I'm OK with it. It's going to really help me handle this situation."

Any trade will have to wait until the new collective bargaining agreement is officially ratified, which is expected to occur on Saturday.